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Woman who went to Vegas to escape abusive boyfriend, returned only to be strangled & drowned by him


Woman who went to Vegas to escape abusive boyfriend, returned only to be strangled & drowned by him

Ladies, if you’re in an abusive relationship – read this post, and replace the woman’s name with yours… See your future in this post and make a decision to leave, so that it won’t be you.


Moreno Valley, California – A woman returned to her abusive boyfriend, for the sake of her family, only to be murdered by him.

On Saturday, March 17, 2018, at 4:33 PM, police officers responded to a call of an unconscious 25-year-old woman in her apartment located in the 25000 block of Alessandro Blvd.

Within minutes, officers arrived to find the body of Mariah Malveaux clinging to life in her bathtub. Officers rendered aid to the woman until paramedics arrived.

The woman was transported to Riverside University Hospital, where she was pronounced deceased.

The father of her child, 32-year old Latravius Brian Gobert was arrested on suspicion of murder.

latravius gobert

Latravius Brian Gobert

Gobert was transported to the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside, where he is being held on $1,000,000 bail.

According to Mariah’s friend, Shanaza Parker, Mariah went to Vegas to escape Gobert’s abuse , but returned to give Gobert another chance. Weeks later Gobert is alleged to have beat, strangled, and drowned Mariah, until she till she took her last breath.

Mariah Malveaux

Shanaza also blames herself for not seeing the signs during their previous conversations.

Mariah Malveaux

Mariah Malveaux who was lovingly called “Compton” by her friends, is missed dearly.  She leaves behind a 7-year-old daughter, Island. Gobert is the father of the child.

Mariah Malveaux

Ladies lets rise up and get out of these abusive relationships.  Keep your business to yourself, but absolutely positively tell someone if a man is hitting you. You need someone in your life to hold you accountable to leaving that situation.

At the end of the day, you can do better.   As a survivor of domestic violence, trust me when I tell you it gets better with a man who loves you, adores you and doesn’t want to hurt you.   You are wasting your time with any man who hurts you and doesn’t feed life into you.

If you are currently in this situation, today, I want you to look in the mirror and tell yourself you are going to love yourself more than you love that man. You are going to sit down and figure out a way to move around. You are going to leave him cause a man beating you down, trying to kill your spirit, is not what God put you on this earth for. You are not here to be anybody’s punching bag.

You’ll never be a Queen sleeping in bed with a man who blackens your eye and knocks your crown off.  Staying doesn’t make your smart at all, but leaving makes you no longer dumb. It’s not a smart decision to stick around a man until he kills you. Be embarrassed of yourself for staying. Reach into the light of respectability and love. Pretend like your mama taught you better than that! Let go of that toxic relationship.

Make absolutely no excuses! P.S. Ladies with kids, this little girl is without a mother now. Women with kids definitely can’t afford to stay in abusive relationships. Instead of of trying to save the relationship, save your own life so that your kids will grow up with a mother instead.

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