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Woman tells the story of how she stayed with an abusive man until he almost beat her to death in front of her kids


Woman tells the story of how she stayed with an abusive man until he almost beat her to death in front of her kids

After suffering from horrendous abuse at the hands of a man who was supposed to love her, Janea Alston, a mother of 4, logged onto Facebook to explain how she almost lost her life, at the hands of her abusive fiancé.

She wrote:

“I usually don’t post my business on Facebook, but last night I was almost beat to death by my fiancé. I pleaded for my life in front of my kids and bestfriend all while this man said no he was going to kill me. So let me expose this monster for who he really is. I had to be life flighted to Presbyterian hospitals trauma unit and have an emergency surgery to save my eye, with also bleeding on the brain and numerous cuts scratches and brises all over my body. This is my testimony to save the next woman from domestic violence it’s not okay.”

This is very unfortunate, however a woman with kids who chooses to stay with an abusive man is just as outrageous as the man who hits her. I feel more empathy for her kids…

One of the best ways to leave an abusive relationship is to either tell yourself you are stupid for staying, as motivation to leave. Or, understand you have kids who can not grow up witnessing that type of abuse.

If a woman has kids, she has absolutely no business with an abusive man. The kids deem you have no choice but to leave. In situations of abuse the kids come first, not the abusive man.

Secondly if he’s abusive, “fiancé” should never be a term you use to describe him… Getting engaged doesn’t make it any better. That’s saying you know you’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of abuse, but you’re going to do it anyway…  That makes absolutely no sense.

Women need to get so angry at these men that they show up for all court dates to ensure he gets locked up.

Prayers that Janea finds her self-worth. Loving yourself is often the only thing that will force a woman to be strong enough to leave. As even a friend who tells you to stop being stupid, won’t make a woman leave. Instead she will just distance herself from her friend and continue to live the life of an abused woman… So ultimately she has to decide for herself.

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