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Mother of two set up by her Dollar Tree co-worker to be robbed & killed for her $7,000 Tax Refund

Alana Whitley Kejuana Lynette Davis


Mother of two set up by her Dollar Tree co-worker to be robbed & killed for her $7,000 Tax Refund

Kejuana Lynette Davis

Keiauna Lynette Davis

A woman received her tax return and died the same day… It was murder

WILKINSBURG, Pennsylvania – On Thursday morning, Kejuana Lynette Davis*, 27, a mother of two, headed to work at the Dollar General on Laketon Road in Wilkinsburg.

Little did Keiauna know February 22 would be her last day on earth.

Davis’ 21-year-old co-worker Alana Whitley, had found out about her $7,000* tax refund check.

Whitley apparently texted her friend Dane James Taylor, 21,  telling him about the money.

In the text messages, Whitley allegedly tells Taylor, “This girl at my job brought 7 bands to work ain’t that some s***.”

After Alana texted Taylor about the money, the two conspired to steal it, police said. Taylor then hired a Facebook acquaintance, 23-year-old Kajin Xavier Scott, to give him a ride.


Over an hour later, the next text from Taylor to Whitley said:

“It’s a go delete all dez text.”

It would all go down at 2:30 p.m. when Kejuana got off work on Thursday.

According to the police report, Scott drove a gray Corolla.  He claimed Taylor told him he needed to see a girl to pick up some money. Taylor directed him to drive to the Dollar General and park in the rear of the building.

Scott said while waiting, he got out of the car at one point to urinate next to an abandoned home. When he got back in the car, Scott said Taylor was wearing a mask on his face and had a gun in his hand.

Scott told police Taylor received a text on his phone which said,”Go!” At that point, he followed Taylor’s directions, leading them to the victim, Davis, walking up Laketon Road. Scott was told to pull ahead of the victim, get out, and pretend to be fixing the car.

Police say that’s when Taylor got out and chased the victim toward an open lot.

Scott heard Taylor yelling “give it to me.” Davis told Taylor she didn’t have money and begged him to stop, police said. As he tried to take her purse, Kejuana fell on the ground.

As Kejuana lay on the ground in the ensuing confrontation, Taylor fired two shots at her. The first one missed, and the second went through Davis’ hip, police said.

Taylor snatched Davis’ purse and ran back to the car, then Scott drove off, the affidavit said.

The shooting was reported about 2:50 p.m. in the 1700 block of Laketon Road. First responders found Keiauna suffering from a gunshot wound when they arrived on scene. She was transported to  UPMC Presbyterian hospital where she died, less than an hour later.

Investigators talked to witnesses and used surveillance footage to identify the Corolla and trace it back to Scott, who confessed his role, according to the affidavit.

Scott told police that he knew Taylor by the nickname “HD” but didn’t know his real name.

Through Kajin Scott, detectives identified Alana Whitley. They then used texts on Alana’s phone and social media posts to identify “HD” as Taylor.


On Saturday, members of the fugitive squad apprehended the suspected shooter Dane James Taylor, 21. He was discovered hiding in a North Braddock residence at 12:21 p.m., Allegheny County Police said.

The purse had only $3,000 and not $7,000.  Apparently Keiuana’s tax refund had been deposited into the bank earlier Thursday, and her grandmother brought it ($3,000*) to her while she was on her lunch break at Dollar General.

That’s how her co-worker, Alana,  found out about the money.

Taylor paid Scott $800, kept $800 for himself and gave the rest to Alana, according to police.

All three were arrested and charged with robbery, criminal homicide,  and conspiracy. Taylor also is charged with carrying a firearm without a license. They are being held at the Allegheny County Jail.

Keiauna Davis leaves behind two little girls,  6-year-old Azaylah and 2-year-old Aliviyah. Davis and her kids were preparing to move to North Carolina to be closer to her mother.. 

Sheila Detwiler said she will raise the girls in Charlotte. She is left wondering how she will explain to the girls why their mother isn’t present.

Ms. Detwiler said she wanted the people who killed her daughter to know what they took from her. She wants them to think about all of the lives they’ve impacted by pulling the trigger, including their own.

“They will answer for this,” Ms. Detwiler said. “I want them to know that their lives are over.”

Davis’ mother also said her daughter was not about to hand over her money without a fight:

“She was a strong young woman,” Ms. Detwiler said. “She was tough, she was feisty. She fought for that money, I know she did.”

Kejuana Lynette Davis

Kejuana Lynette Davis

A crowdfunding page has been set up to pay for funeral expenses. So far $8,031 has been raised by 231 people in the  past 3 days.

Alana’s Facebook profile speaks volumes about her.

I will never understand why people are so quick to kill one another.  The people they kill are loved by many.

R.I.P. Keiauna Lynette Davis

*Media reports initially spelled the victim’s name Kejuana, however it’s spelled Keiauna.  Media reports also listed the dollar amount of the tax return as $7,000, however the check was for $3,000.

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