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Woman who stayed with cheating man explains how she moved to Atlanta and caught HIV at the age of 22 [video]



Woman who stayed with cheating man explains how she moved to Atlanta and caught HIV at the age of 22 [video]

In a new interview with Revolt, a 30-year-old African American woman explains the story of how she caught HIV when she moved from Chicago to Atlanta.

The woman, Jessica Davis, says she fled the state in an attempt to leave a bad relationship. She stopped attending Southern Illinois University and decided to move, after being offered a full-time job in Atlanta.

One night, she went to a club with a friend who was attending Clark Atlanta University. After dropping her friend off at her house, she met a man while waiting at a red light. She started a relationship with him, despite several warning signs that the man was living somewhat of a double life, and habitually lying to her. He eventually hit her and the relationship ended for 6 months. Then she started the relationship back up again.

Fast forward about a year, when the woman was 22, she went to the doctor after getting into a physical fight with a roommate and injuring her nose. She was found to have swollen lymph nodes and diagnosed with HIV. She traced the HIV back to her boyfriend, and he discovered he was HIV positive as well. Davis reports knowing that he was cheating on her, but staying with him regardless, thinking she couldn’t move on to someone who wasn’t HIV positive, as she was.

He would pick up another girl in her car, while she was at work. That girl would go on Facebook to brag that the man was with her… Later Jessica found out the man was actually born with HIV.

However, her story has a beautiful ending.

Watch the full video and interview below:

At this point I wonder why the government doesn’t simply give prep to everyone, in order to prevent future infections??? I definitely wish Jessica the best. My heart goes out to anyone infected with this disease.

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