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Outback Steakhouse waitress is fired after complaining on Facebook that a church group left no tip on a $735 carry-out order

tamlynn Yoder outback waitress fired


Outback Steakhouse waitress is fired after complaining on Facebook that a church group left no tip on a $735 carry-out order

Just because you feel like complaining about something, doesn’t mean you should. It could end badly for you.

FLORIDA –  A waitress, Tamlynn Yoder was fired after complaining a church didn’t leave a tip when they picked up a $735 takeout order.

Yoder says she spent most of her shift at an Outback Steakhouse readying a take-out order for 25 individuals.

The seventy five-merchandise order — placed by the Christ Fellowship church in Palm Seashore Gardens, Florida, on Wednesday — included 25 steaks, 25 chicken dinners and 25 sides of potatoes.

Yoder received no tip on the order.  Now the story is going viral.

outback waitress Tamlynn Yoder fired

Taking her frustration online, Yoder hopped on Facebook to vent about the church stiffing her. She also revealed how she only made $18 in tips that day from different orders, as a result of her being too busy packing the mega church’s order.

She did not mention her place of employment in the post. However,  when a friend saw her post he urged her to take it down and said he’d contact Christ Fellowship directly to see if they’d remedy the situation.

The next day, Yoder came in to work and was told that Christ Fellowship had been refunded the entire $735, and she was fired.

outback fired waitress tip facebook

An Outback spokeswoman told the Post that Yoder had violated a company policy prohibiting employees from talking about customers online.

The church said that they had contacted the restaurant after hearing the complaint from Yoder’s friend to see about getting a tip to her, and never intended for her to be fired.

The minimum wage for tipped employees in Florida is $5.23 an hour. Although opinions vary on tipping for carry-out orders, Yoder says it’s a must.

‘Coming in to eat or takeout, you should automatically be wanting to tip 15 per cent,’ she told WFLX. ‘From there you either go up or you go down, based on service.’

“We take the order over the telephone, we put the order collectively, take cost after which take order to the automotive,” Yoder informed the Palm Seashore Submit. “It’s a lot of work simply as a lot as serving.”

Christ Fellowship said their policy is to tip on carry-out orders, but that their volunteer wasn’t aware of that.

Yoder said she made just $18 in tips during her shift at the restaurant (pictured) since she spent most of her time on the church's order of 25 steaks, 25 chickens and 25 potatoesAlthough opinions vary on tipping for carry-out orders, Yoder (pictured) says it's a must

‘Thank you all very much for expressing your concerns,’ the church said in a statement on Facebook.

‘We are sorry to hear about this situation and our leaders have been notified about it. We value our local business partners and those who work in their establishments—many of whom are members of our church—and it is customary for us to leave a generous tip whenever we pick up a carry-out order.

‘They will be looking into what happened in this instance. We are reaching out directly to the people affected.’

Yoder said she had heard from Christ Fellowship and thanked them for reaching out.

She is currently seeking a new job.

Lesson Here: Just because you feel righteous or wronged, doesn’t mean things will go right for you when you speak against the person or company that employees you or pays your bills. Think first. Sometimes it’s simply not worth it.

My only surprise here is that a GoFundMe isn’t involved…

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