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Fake lawyer Chris Elisha arrested in Nigeria after practicing law for 15 years



Fake lawyer Chris Elisha arrested in Nigeria after practicing law for 15 years

LAGOS, NIGERIA — On Tuesday, a middle-aged man, who has been ‘working’ as a lawyer for 15 years, was exposed as a fraud, in court.

Elisha Chris‘ somewhat prosperous legal career came to a sudden end,  by his inability to move a motion for bail.

The 49-year-old fake lawyer, was arrested after he attempted to stand in as a lawyer for an accused person in a criminal case.

During the motion for bail Chris proceeded to quote a section of the constitution in an attempt to apply for his client’s bail, then went off at a tangent.

The prosecuting lawyer, Nnamdi Nwafor, who observed that the fake lawyer failed to properly argue a motion for bail, then accused Chris of being a fake lawyer.


The challenge led to a heated argument, which attracted the attention of other lawyers and the court duty policemen inside the courthouse. They too subjected Elisha to interrogation.

According to eyewitnesses, Barrister Elisha Chris insisted that he is a lawyer and had been practicing for over 15 years. However, on reaching Ojo Police Division, he opened up, admitting that he had not passed the bar.

“I am just a ‘charge-and-bail’ lawyer. What I do is to hang around courts, waiting for suspects whose cases are charged to court. “If any of them did not come with a lawyer, I will stand in as one to effect their bail. I have been into this for 15 years,” Chris explained.

Chris Elisha Fake Lawyer

Elisha Chris claims to have studied Law at Eastern Ukrainian University, in the former Soviet Union, but was unable to present any certificate to authenticate his claim.

Preliminary investigation, also revealed that until his arrest. the suspect had won several cases in court and had also lost a few.

Confirming the arrest, the command’s spokesman, Chike Oti, said: “He claimed he was more into corporate law practice and does little of litigation.“

Apparently Barrister wigs sell pretty well on eBay…

However we suspect that Chris had someone slap him on a sweet 27-piece.

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