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Woman who said she wasn’t worried about a gun, before being shot by her girlfriend on Facebook Live, speaks out [video]



Woman who said she wasn’t worried about a gun, before being shot by her girlfriend on Facebook Live, speaks out [video]

You’re about to watch someone jump bad, with a gun pointed at them…like in the movies. Except it’s real life.

On Jan. 2 just before 3 p.m. in the parking lot of an apartment building in the 6400 block of South Calumet Avenue in Parkway Gardens, Kearra Hardmon, 27, walked outside on Facebook Live, expecting a confrontation.

Outside her girlfriend, 29-year-old Labritney Austin sat in a car and called Kearra a b*tch, as soon as she set eyes on her.

Kearra saw that Labritney was armed with a gun, but said she wasn’t afraid that Labritney would harm her. In fact Keara said

“This b—h got a gun ya’ll. “You got a gun, what you gonna do, what are you going to do with it.”

“B*tch, I’m not worried about that gun, b*tch you will get blowed down right here.”

Then a shot was fired and suddenly Kearra was crying hysterically about being shot. The bullet went through Hardmon’s shoulder, shattering her bone.

Labritney Austin turned herself in the next day. She is charged with aggravated battery by discharging a firearm.


Kearra explained what happened to the local news.

“There was no pain for the first couple of seconds and then it just started feeling like throbbing and burning at the same time. Then it felt like my arm was off my shoulder. I could not move my arm, that’s why I was so hysterical after a while,” said Hardmon.

“I was literally right in front of her window, and if I wouldn’t have turned around I would have got shot in my chest, my face, my neck or something. I would never have been able to come back home to my baby. My mama would have been burying her daughter,” said Hardmon.

Hardmon says she and Austin had arguments in the past but they never hit each other. She says that’s why she’s surprised Austin showed up with a gun and even more surprised she pulled the trigger.

She’s also upset that Austin wasn’t charged with a more serious crime.


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