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Doctor accused of inserting his penis into female patients’ rectum while performing rectal exam



Doctor accused of inserting his penis into female patients’ rectum while performing rectal exam

Hospital accused of covering up sexual assault on patients by top doctor

If you’re getting a rectal exam, it’s probably best to have a chaperone in the room with you, if you’re going to see Dr. Ryan Williams in Cleveland, Ohio.

Two of Dr. Williams’ patient’s have accused the colorectal surgeon of anally raping them during examinations procedures in 2008 and 2009, USA Today reported.

In the April 2008 assault, patient Lachelle Duncan was the victim.

An Ohio police department report describes Duncan’s terrifying encounter with Williams.

Williams was performing a rectal exam on her when she jumped up and said that the doctor had inserted his penis into her rectum. She said she saw him holding his genitals in his hand.

When she asked the doctor, “Why did you do this?” he replied, “I don’t know,” Duncan told a medical assistant, the police report said.

She ran out of the room without pants and shouted, “Why did he do it? Why did you do this?” Williams replied, “I don’t know,” with his head in his hands, according to an interview with medical assistant Patricia Bacha contained in the police report.


Williams explained to police the presence of semen in one of his examination rooms was the result of masturbation to relieve stress, the police report said.

After she pressed charges, Duncan got a rape kit, which along with other lab tests, proved inconclusive. A Cleveland Clinic spokeswoman said Williams took a polygraph, which was filed as evidence to a grand jury. Williams wasn’t prosecuted criminally, but Duncan sued Williams and the Cleveland Clinic, which resulted in a confidential settlement.

Williams remained on staff.

In 2009 the Dr. is accused of anally raping another woman on the examination table.

Kristin Fehr, said she saw Williams to have a hemorrhoid removed in 2009.

She said she was given two white pills which Williams instructed her to consume immediately.

Fehr said she was groggy for the duration of the procedure, and left the facility in a haze. She felt some pressure behind her and looked back to see Williams suddenly  jump back with his penis in hand. He claims she felt his finger inside of her.

Fehr was surprised when the hospital failed to take disciplinary action against Williams.

“My whole reason for doing that was to have some kind of warning out there,” she told USA Today.

Instead, she said Williams was featured in promotional videos for the hospital.

Williams, who denies the allegations against him, told USA Today last month that “all my visits have been chaperoned.”

But his former medical assistant told police that was “not always possible due to staffing,” USA Today reports.

After the allegations surfaced in the media a few days ago, suddenly the Dr. was placed on paid leave… Other reports say his license is in the process of being suspended.

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