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Deelishis celebrates 40th Birthday with retired NBA star Gary Payton [photos]

Gary Payton & Deelishis


Deelishis celebrates 40th Birthday with retired NBA star Gary Payton [photos]

It’s been more than a decade since Flavor of Love came out and still Deelishis manages to remain relevant, and keeps millionaire boys in her yard, by showing off her voluptuous milkshake.

If fans aren’t fawning over Deelishis‘ voluptuous shape, or what plastic surgery she’s undergone, they are doting over who she’s dating.

The instagram model has a reputation for dating countless affluent men, including rapper Rick Ross.

About a month ago, Deelishis was spotted with retired NBA star, Gary Payton, attending a Milwaukee Bucks game. Many assumed the two were dating.

deelishish gary payton

Since then, Deelishis has seen herself tied to several big names, in the industry. Among the men she was rumored to be with was Wiz Khalifa and Stevie J, among others. But, Deelishis denied ever being more than friends, with those guys.

However on Deelishis’ 40th Birthday Gary Payton popped up again. She spent her 40th birthday with Payton at Prime, and now fans really believe they’re dating.


“About last night. Birthday behavior.”

The posts have since been deleted.

Many are also calling out Payton for being married. However he divorced in 2012.

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