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7 year murder mystery solved: Ex-wife of murdered NBA player Lorenzen Wright arrested


7 year murder mystery solved: Ex-wife of murdered NBA player Lorenzen Wright arrested

On Friday, the ex-wife of slain former NBA player Lorenzen Wright was arrested in California in connection with his death.

sherra wright lorenzen wright

Sherra Wright-Robinson, 38, has been charged with being a fugitive of justice. She is being extradited to Memphis. Sherra is expected to be charged with first-degree murder upon her arrival in Memphis.

Wright-Robinson’s comes 10-days after the Dec. 5 arrest and indictment of 46-year-old Billy R. Turner in Wright’s death.

lorenzen wright

Turner is charged with premeditated first degree murder. According to the arrest report, The Multi Agency Gang Unit saw him leave his residence, get into a vehicle and travel to the Collierville Express Mart on U.S. 72. He was then arrested at that gas station.


According to reports, Turner was a deacon at Mt. Olive No. 1 Missionary Baptist Church in Collierville, Tennessee, where Wright-Robinson was a former member.

Obviously after his arrest Mr. Turner started talking and pointed the finger at Mrs. Wright as his co-conspirator and mastermind of the murder.

Lorenzen Wright’s body was found in a wooded area of suburban Memphis on July 28, 2010, 10 days after the 34-year-old was reported missing. He was shot multiple times.

The seven-year investigation into his death has been one of the Memphis Police Department’s most high-profile unsolved cases.

Last month police said they found the gun used in the killing in a lake near Walnut, Mississippi, about 75 miles east of Memphis.

Lorenzen wright

Sherra Wright-Robinson had previously spoken about the death of her late former husband, who played for the Memphis Grizzlies and four other NBA teams as a forward and center in 13 seasons before retiring in 2009.

“On certain days when it gets hard, we have to just pretend like he’s still on a road trip,” Wright-Robinson told the The Commercial Appeal in 2015. “It’s still hard.”

Police say Sherra Wright’s motive for murder was money

Sherra Wright Murder Arrest Husband Lorenzo Wright

Sherra Wright

In 2010, Sherra’s neighbor in COLLIERVILLE, Tennesee, told the Daily News of Sherra Wright’s money grubbing behavior.

Patricia Coleman told the newspaper that Sherra would walk up and down the quiet streets of her quiet suburb on her cell phone screaming at her ex-husband, demanding money.

It was a common site in this posh enclave: Sherra Wright, walking down Whisperwood Drive, shouting into her cell phone and making demands for money.

“It was really bizarre,”  Coleman said..

“She wouldn’t talk in the house,” Coleman said. “She would walk up and down the street and scream and holler. Neighbors would call and ask what’s going on? She was always saying she needed money. That’s one of the reasons we’re concerned today.”

Sherra Wright, was described by neighbors as distant and aloof. The Wright’s divorced in February 2010.

Five months later, the former Grizzlies player was murdered execution-style, and several different gun casings were found on the scene.

Wright saw his death coming, he placed a mishandled call to 911.

In 2013, Sherra, successfully sued to obtain access to her ex-husband’s $1 Million life insurance policy and retirement funds.

She was criticized for burning through all of the insurance money, except $5, in only 10-months.

It was found that the life insurance police ws taken out just six months before Lorenzen’s death.

Lorenzen Wright

Sherra also frivolously spent the $925 mostly Social Security payments each of her children received after the death of their father.

Most of the insurance money was spent on homes and luxury cars, according Commercial Appeal.

Records show Sherra Wright directed much of her spending at her children — a 5,300 square-foot-home acquired last June in east Shelby County is titled in the name of a trust for her four sons and two daughters, for example — yet Herb Wright, Lorenzen’s father, believes Sherra is not making sound choices and is not acting in his grandchildrens’ best interest.

Her spending was brisk and prodigious — $32,000 for a Cadillac Escalade; $26,000 for a Lexus; $69,000 on an assortment of furniture; $11,750 for a trip to New York; $339,000 to buy and improve a new house; $7,100 for a deposit on a swimming pool; $5,000 for lawn equipment; $277 for dinner and a movie; $34,000 on lawyers.

sherra robinson wright house

In 2014, Wright-Robinson agreed to a confidential settlement in a dispute in Circuit Court over how she spent $1 million in insurance meant to benefit their six children.

Afterwards she and the kids moved to Riverside, California.


Sherra Wright Robinson

Months after Lorenzen’s murder homicide  detectives searched Sherra Wright’s Memphis home, focusing on a fire pit in her backyard that was raging on July 19, the night Lorenzen Wright disappeared. Coleman, the same neighbor who told of Sherra’s money grubbing phone conversations told police she  remembered seeing Sherra Wright in the backyard by the fire. “She was back there with another man,” Coleman said. “I thought it was strange because it was like one of the hottest days of the year.”

After the detectives left Sherra Wright’s house, Coleman said Sherra “or someone who looked like Sherra” returned to the home, venturing to the back patio for a couple of minutes.

Gail Mathes, an attorney for Sherra Wright, told the Daily News that her client couldn’t be a suspect in the murder because “she didn’t have any motive to kill because he had no money.”

According to Mathes, Lorenzen Wright was “broke” at the time of his death, as evidenced by the foreclosure of two homes he owned, she said. Mathes said Lorenzen Wright had a life insurance policy in his name but that she was unaware of who the beneficiary was….

Sherra Wright (c.) walks away from a memorial service for her ex-husband, Lorenzen Wright


When questioned by detectives in 2010, the ex-wife of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright, said he  left the home of his ex-wife carrying a box of drugs and an indefinite amount of money the night he was killed.

Sherra Robinson Wright said her ex-husband had a cell-phone conversation with an unnamed person while at her Collierville home that indicated he was involved in a transaction concerning a large amount of money.

According to a sworn statement: “During the conversation with the unidentified individual, Sherra Wright told Det. Young she heard Lorenzen Wright say he was going to flip something for $110,000.”

Sherra Wright informed authorities of the episode on July 27, 2010,  saying that Lorenzen left her home on July 18 “around 10:30p.m. carrying a box of drugs,” according to the affidavit. He then came back to her home a short time later and left again, this time with an unspecified amount of cash, she said. He was reported missing on July 22, and his body was discovered in a wooded area of Southeast Memphis on July 28.


Sherra Wright

Although Sherra was allegedly responsible for Lorenzen’s murder, she still consented to a Sports Illustrated Interview in 2015. When asked if she had any part in Lorenzen’s murder, Sherra repeatedly said “Im an author.” (You can compare that to Makeva Jenkins’ husband, Euri Jenkins strangely and repeatedly saying that his wife “was an entrepreneur,” during a news interview.)

During that same documentary Lorenzen’s assistant said Shera once left him a voicemail threatening to kill him, if she caught him cheating.


In response to his mother’s arrest, Lorenzen Wright Jr. changed his profile picture, to a photo with his mom.

Lorenzen wright jr.

Does he believe his mom is innocent?

lorenzo wright murder solved

RIP Lorenzo Wright

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