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Report: Cia Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘I Killed Bob Marley’

Bob Marley Bill Oxley


Report: Cia Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘I Killed Bob Marley’

Today singer Chris Brown sent the internet into a search frenzy when he posted a screenshot of a story about Bob Marley‘s alleged assassination.

chris brown bob marley assassination

The story allegedly involves a 79-year-old retired CIA officer, Bill Oxley, who allegedly made a series of stunning confessions since he was admitted to the Mercy Hospital in Maine on Monday, and told he has weeks to live.

The shocking report was posted by a site called YourNewsWire. The site claims Bill admitted to committing 17 assassinations for the American government between 1974 and 1985, including the music icon Bob Marley.

bob marley

It reads:

“Mr. Oxley, who worked for the CIA for 29 years as an operative with top-level security clearances, claims he was often used as a hitman by the organization, to assassinate individuals who could represent a threat to the goals of the agency.”

The 79-year-old operative claims he committed the assassinations between March 1974 and August 1985, at a time when he says the CIA “was a law unto itself.” He says he was part of an operative cell of three members which carried out political assassinations across the country and occasionally in foreign countries.

Most of their victims were political activists, journalists, and union leaders, but he also confesses to assassinating a few scientists, medical researchers, artists and musicians whose ideas and influence “represented a threat to the interests of the United States.”

Bob Marley

The site claims Mr. Oxley said Bob Marley remains “unique among his victims, as he was the only victim he “felt anything for.”

“The others were assholes. Bob Marley was Bob Marley. I was no closer to being a long-haired hippy back then than I am now, but I must admit Bob’s music did move me. It held some power over me.”

bob marley death

The day Bill Oxley allegedly sent Bob Marley to an early grave

“Two days after Bob Marley was shot in the left arm by one of three gunmen who ambushed the singer and some of his crew in his house in Kingston, and after a brief stint in hospital, Bob Marley travelled to the protective hills of the Blue Mountains and spent time at the highest point in Jamaica, rehearsing for an upcoming concert.

Blue Mountain Retreat

At that time the Mr. Oxley in the story says he used press credentials to gain access to Bob Marley during his Blue Mountains retreat.

He introduced himself as a famous photographer working for the New York Times, and gave Bob Marley a gift.

“I gave him a pair of Converse All Stars. Size 10. When he tried on the right shoe, he screamed out ‘OUUUCH.‘

“That was it. His life was over right there and then. The nail in the shoe was tainted with cancer viruses and bacteria. If it pierced his skin, which it did, it was goodnight nurse.”

Bob Marley

As to why Marley was killed, the site writes:

“He was succeeding in creating a revolution that used music as a more powerful tool than bullets and bombs. Bob Marley in 1976 was a very serious threat to the global status quo and to the hidden power brokers implementing their plan for a new world order. As far as the agency was concerned, Bob Marley was too successful, too famous, too influential… A Jamaican Rastaman who started using his funds and fame to support causes around the world that were in direct conflict with the CIA… To be honest, he signed his own death warrant.”

“It’s not like we didn’t warn him. We sent a few guys to shoot up his house in Kingston,” Mr Oxley says, referring to a shooting in the Marley residence that left the singer with an injured arm and chest. “We had a message for him. We impressed upon him the gravity of the situation he found himself in. He didn’t listen.”

“Two days later, in the mountains, I stuck him with the pin.“

Mr. Oxley says he kept close contact with Marley during the final years of his life, ensuring the medical advice he received in Paris, London and the United States “would hasten his demise rather than cure him.” He died from cancer in May 1981. He was just 36 years old.

Bob Marley

No major news site has the story, in addition to the site failing to provide any proof.  A google search brings up zilch on a Bill Oxley.

Most importantly one call to the Mercy hospital in Maine, will tell you they don’t have such a patient. In addition if you put the names BOB MARLEY & BILL OXLEY side by side, you will see what they did there.

The story is also posted on a satire news site called, which many people will assume it’s USA TODAY, a legit site. the 24.7 site writer is also the same one who wrote the story on newswire…

This story appears completely bogus. Or in President’s Trump’s words “Fake News.” However,  it was such a good read.

In verified real news, there’s a documentary that was on Netflix (still may be) called Marley (2012). It’s one of the most amazing documentaries I’ve ever watched.

Check out the trailer below:

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