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J. Crew Apologizes For Styling Of Black Model’s Hair


J. Crew Apologizes For Styling Of Black Model’s Hair

J. Crew (and its brand, Madewell) are being accused of sloppily styling a black model’s hair.


More than a few women in the Twitterverse seem to think the brand failed in a major way.

But some people defended J. Crew – writing that her hair looked cute and that the brand is known for the “bedhead” look.

j crew black hair


You would think people would be happy the young lady sported her natural hair, instead of a weave.

Back when little Gabby Douglas hit the Olympics, black women were mad at her natural hair; another paltry ponytail… Then you also had the people who were mad at the people who were mad at Gabby’s ponytail.

Personally if it were my daughter her hair would definitely be on point, for such a major moment.


In this J. Crew case, I think black Twitter did more harm than good. As it was noted that the unkempt hair is simply the look the company was going for, regardless of race.  They could have easily not included a black model at all. Instead they included a black model in the campaign and made her hairstyle match the rest of the campaign.

There’s really nothing to be mad about.

However  the deeper issue here is that black women often forget that we are not like other women. We are held to higher standards because we are behind. Because we are still fighting for equality. So therefore a black woman has to be on point. She can not walk around with unkempt hair and expect to be applauded for it, unless that hair looks kinky.

Straight and unkempt black hair is looked at as ghetto, ratchet, tacky or undesirable. All stereotypical traits that are often tossed on the black woman’s back.

Heck, people roast my weave on my fanpage profile photo all the time.

At this point I think I intentionally leave it up, just so they will have something to talk about. For the most part, a black woman’s hair always seems to be more important than her accolades or accomplishments. Or her accomplishments rendered nothing major, if her hair isn’t on fleek. Pam lost her sports casting job after the internet roasted her for her bad hairstyling.

Pam’s hair was indeed a mess and being on tv like that was unacceptable to black women.

Jess With The Mess recently discussed how often people roast her hair.

“JUST STOP” #jesshilarious_official #jesshigh #jesshilarious #jesshilariousofficial TAG A FRIEND

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I’m a pretty honest person, so I will agree that the lace edges were a bit distracting… However what Jess said in the video really resonated with me. Perhaps we should stop focusing so much on hair… Perhaps we should focus on the talent and contributions to society from a black woman, instead of her hair. Perhaps we should really examine what we are doing one another.

In the end, I wish people would think before they make a big issue of things. J Crew could very well decide at this point to not include black models…

So sometimes the internet must understand that everything isn’t always about you and how you feel.

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