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Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Aren’t Giving Tyrese $5 Million Anything… Looks Like Bro Is Going Crazy



Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Aren’t Giving Tyrese $5 Million Anything… Looks Like Bro Is Going Crazy

More bad news from Tyrese‘s instagram account.

It looks like Tyrese told a bold face lie on IG, and that’s why the post was deleted so fast; but not before bloggers caught it.

To catch you up, a few days ago Tyrese broke down crying, screaming that he was going broke, from paying child support of $13,000 a month and paying lawyers to help him fight against child abuse allegations.

The same night Tyrese hopped on IG claiming that Will & Jada Pinkett Smith called him and gave him $5 Million to help keep him afloat.


Of course the internet was upset about a rich man getting more money…

However, according to TMZ, it’s not true. The Smith’s haven’t given Tyrese anything, except kind words…


“Sources directly connected to both Will and Jada say it simply isn’t true.

Our Will and Jada sources say they did not give Tyrese any money at all.

Tyrese posted last Sunday that Will and Jada gave him the gift in return for him staying mum about his trial. Tyrese wrote, “You’ve guys asked me to get off and stay off the Internet now that my daughters legal fees will be paid. I will listen.”

Will and Jada have been friends with Tyrese for years, and we’re told they’re extremely worried Tyrese is having some sort of a breakdown.”

Yesterday Tyrese posted a video saying he was waiting on the wire to drop…

#Tyrese shouts out Coca-Cola for giving him a few dollars and says he’s waiting for Jada & Will Smith’s check to clear. 😂

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Welp. There you have it. Next stop – Mental Health Complex… We wish Tyrese the best.

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