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Woman Goes LIVE on Facebook To Expose Her Baby Daddy Who Gave Her HIV & Still Sleeps With Other Women [video]

Nona Elaine Thomas

Facebook Drama

Woman Goes LIVE on Facebook To Expose Her Baby Daddy Who Gave Her HIV & Still Sleeps With Other Women [video]

What I’m about to illustrate for you is a story of unconditional love, heartbreak and betrayal. The story is about a young woman madly in love, who stuck with her cheating man for the sake of her kids.  I’m going to warn you, that this story is going to break your heart. But, it will also teach you quite a few lessons.

It’s also long, but well worth the read/ video watches. So literally, grab a drink or a bite to eat.

Milwaukee, WI – On August 3rd, 2017, Wonona (NuNu) Elaine Thomas, a 25-year-old mother of 4 children, went LIVE on Facebook saying she found out she had a COUPLE of STD’s from her baby daddy, when going in for a touring check-up while pregnant. Which lead to her asking for an HIV test, that came back positive. (There are 3 videos in this story. You can skip reading the transcriptions, if you watch the videos.)


Transcription below:

“I’m making this video today to expose my truth. Everyone who knows me knows I have an unconditional love for my kids father, Earl.. I done got pushed to my limits. But I’m doing something I’ve been wanting to do since I found out. I want to expose this, just so that I don’t feel like I’m hiding anymore. So that I don’t feel that I won’t be worthy of people love and how people gone treat me. I don’t care no more.

For all of my family and friends that are watching, here is my truth.

I’ve been in a committed relationship with my kids father for the last 4 years, and with that, he has infected me with HIV, as of last year. So Yes, I’m HIV Positive. I found out right after Thanksgiving, last year. I’ve been wanting to scream this to the mountaintops just because I feel like I’m hiding. I felt people would judge me. I felt everybody would look at me differently. I felt like I was an outcast. That I would be not worthy. But I tested the waters a little bit…

I let a couple male friends of mine no, the ones that I know like me in that sense. Just to see how they would react to me. The ones that liked me on that level. It didn’t change how they felt. It didn’t change how they looked at me. That made me feel a little bit better about myself. They had enough maturity and wisdom to know, that  that in 2017, with HIV it’s possible to live a healthy life. That as long as I’m taking my medicine,  it would be very hard for me to infect someone else.”

main chick got HIV_o

NuNu’s post one month before finding out she was HIV positive

She continued:

“I couldn’t explain to ya’ll, what mentally goes through my head. What went through my head when I went to go get a check-up, while I was pregnant with my last child. To find out at first I had a couple STD’s from my baby daddy. That of course made me get an HIV test. And when it came back positive, my world was crushed. I couldn’t tell ya’ll the amount of betrayal it made me feel.

The whole time she’s talking Nunu’s kids are banging on the bathroom door saying “Mama” trying to get in.

They say God gives you signs… and he do. Listen, take heed. God showed me a long time ago to stop messing with my baby daddy. But I ignored those signs, for my kids. I wanted them to continue to grow up having the same momma same daddy. I wanted to have that foundation for them. I wanted them to grow up and be like Damn, my momma and daddy been together forever.  So that when they get in a relationship they do the same thing.

Y’all probably hear my kids in the background. I’m in the bathroom, to get a little bit of privacy. I stuck with my baby daddy even after. through everything. I felt there was a comfort level. But to know that he gave me HIV and I still deal with him. Still bend over backwards, still love him with no limitations, still did whatever I could for him. Whatever he needed.

And for today even after getting out of jail, God revealed to me that he’s still being unfaithful. he’s still out here having sex with people. I woke up finding a used condom with semen in it on my bathroom floor.

Infuriated, is not even a word to describe what I felt. First thing that came to mind is what if my kids would have picked it up and put their mouth on it. They would have got exposed to the virus. But for someone to be so careless, to even bring that home.

“I knew he used to be unfaithful in the past, God showed me that. But I stuck around anyway, cause I thought he was at least protecting us. At least… Wasn’t true.

God will continue to allow you be with people that he’s trying to show you is not meant for you. But he will allow you to continue to be with them, until you can’t take it no more. That condom being on my bathroom floor, that was the straw that broke this camel’s back. Please don’t ask me why I stayed with him after finding out.

It was a comfort thing. This is who I can be completely open to. This is who I could still have sex with without having to use a condom, without having to use protection. Because I new he was taking his meds, just like I was taking mine. So I stayed with him after giving me HIV. So yes Me Wynona Elaine Thomas, all of you that know me, I am HIV positive. and I want ya’ll to know be careful, please, this is nothing ya’ll want to deal with. It eats you alive literally, mentally, emotionally,  I hate thinking about it. For all ya’ll who wonder what my reality is or  My fantasy world was. It’s a world where I don’t face my reality, because my reality is harsh.

I didn’t do nothing wrong, but love somebody. I created a family with this man. My kids are by this man. Even my son who isn’t biologically his, my oldest, he’s  all my son kenos as a dad.

I was faithful, I bend over backwards. People that know me know, my kids come first but my priorities come first.  My newborn, thank God, my baby was born without the virus, even though he was conceived and I didn’t know.

I was a victim. I wasn’t like I was out in these streets hoeing, being a prostitute, and just fucking all the different type of men got 4 different kids by different baby daddies. I wasn’t doing that, I been in a committed relationship with this man for 4 kids. My last 3 kids, Ive been pregnant for the last 3 years, those kids are by him.

Sometimes you think you’ve found the man  or woman of  your dreams, they can actually be your nightmare.

I don’t think I deserve it. Im bearing this scary pain for my babies. It’s scary when I get sick, but I bounce back.”

NuNu said she really wishes people would:

“Stop falling for anything. I was this man’s fool for 4-years, knowing he was unfaithful, knowing he wasn’t loyal, knowing he didn’t have that much respect for me. I was his fool and continued to be, till this day. But today made a new day.

That condom on my bathroom floor, when I got this house by myself, when I buy my kids clothes, pampers, wipes food and all of my necessities by myself,  to wake up with a condom on my floor by someone who gave me HIV. That was the camel that broke it’s back.

I stuck my neck out to still continue to be with a  that person after they gave me a terminal illness… I still sat here and showed him the type of love that I have. The type of woman that I am. That if we was to be married it was till death to us part. I still even felt like even without us being married, with our condition, it’s till death.

But I love myself too much to keep sitting here getting mistreated and getting misused.. When I know my heart is pure and I just want love and happiness. (her child at the door repeats this.)  She then names her kids names…

I can’t see myself keep letting someone walk over me. It’s a saying If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. I be damn if I continue to fall. I was his fool, till this day as we speak. But i ain’t nobody’s fool no more.

She then names her kids by name and says that she will now only be a fool for them. Then her son walks in the bathroom and asks her to make the baby a bottle. His face is shown on camera.

It’s really sad what she’s going through, it’s sad that any woman would stay so long and then finally leave after catching  a deadly disease.

She says when she found out she wanted to kill her boyfriend and herself, but she had to live for her kids.

Nuna says she hopes to find love again.

Earl Jacquan McDougal, my kids father, who I’ve been with for 4 years, infected me with HIV.  She then shows the HIV pills that she has to take for the rest of her life.

She then shows off her single family home and puts ALL of her kids on camera and tells them to say hi.

I let him go, I can’t dwell on him anymore, cause he doesn’t dwell on my hurt or the damage that he caused.”

But wait.. There’s more:

“He still wants to go out and fuck with mthfkers. And I’ll be honest with yall a tranny is involved. The tranny said he gave it to him. That my baby daddy gave it to the tranny. I believe the tranny gave it to him. I don’t know who gave it to who. All I know,  I got it in the end. There’s still inboxes, from trannies in his inbox, bitches, another woman eh gave it to, he claim its who the condom that I found this morning was for. He ya’ll problem now.”

Nona Elaine Thomas

Two weeks after going live, NuNu then did an interview with a local man explaining how she caught him cheating.


(Sorry. No transcription.)

Her baby daddy, Earl McDougle, then makes his own video admitting to having HIV.  He says his OTHER baby mama tested negative.



“I’m very fucking cold hearted, so I can give 2 fucks about a love situation. When I first found out I had this shit is when she went to the Dr. but before that time we was in an on and off situation. She f*cked somebody and I fucked somebody. So we don’t know who gave it to the other. Women lie like a mthfkr. I didn’t even know she was f*cking another nigga that was staying upstairs from her sister. I don’t know if you contracted it from me or if I contracted it from you.”

Earl then says Nunu said he had gonorrhea. But he says when he went to the Dr. he didn’t have gonorrhea, but she does. But NuNu claims when she f*cked the guy she used a condom.

Earl McDougle_n.jpg
“Now check this out Facebook. When I went to the Dr., the Doctor said I didn’t have no gonorreah, syphillis, no nothing. So how the fuck you got it, but i didn’t? But you claimed the nigga you f*cked, u used protection. How can u catch this sh*t if you claim I was the only one u were f*cking, and the nigga u did f*ck off with 2 or 3 times, that ya’ll used protection. But u caught something, syphillis and gonorrhea or whatever it was. But I didn’t have it when I went to the Doctor and I got papers to prove that. Like you said that black and white paper do not lie. Documents and everything. Sh*t don’t add up. So now, u saying I’m the one that gave u HIV.

Once u found out that you had that stuff, that’s when you found out you had HIV. But when I went and got tested I only had HIV and your viral loads was bigger than mines, mine was low. But it’s funny how a person tries to throw the blame off on you quick. But being in love with someone and knowing you done cheated and did that, like a dumb ass, feeling guilty, I probably wasn’t me that gave it to her, it was probably the opposite way. But being in love with someone you love so much, I just said it was probably me. I feel bad about the sh*t. Yes, I didn’t tell no one  I had it. The other person who says they have it got it before I even got my tests results back. Till this day that woman still talks to me. That woman ain’t out here trying to catch fame.”

Earl then claims he’s not out here f*cking bitches and that he’s not thinking about bitches anymore.

“I ain’t out here just f*cking any bitch. I’m barely out here f*cking any bitches. I can give 2 f*cks about a bitch NOW. Yes, I got a life threatening situation. But sh*t I got kids. I gotta focus on my kids and getting a check. A bitch is my last mthfking theory.”

“Yes, it’s easy for me to catch a bitch. Cause there’s one thing about me. I’m far from ugly. and my mouth game is stupid sick. But any bitch I done had, bitches know who his main woman is and who imma go back to regardless. I don’t care if you f*ckin got a million chicks, this who I love, this who I kill for, this is who I go home to.”

Then he says he’s not gay and that he loves pussy regardless and that no dude has never touched his azz. He also said he’s not fucking on no nigga.

“My game though, I’ll tell a mthfker anything for that cash. That’s just me. Words don’t mean sh*t to me you feel. Especially if you don’t mean sh*t to me. That’s just me.”

earl mcdougle cash hiv.jpg

“We done had this shit a year now, and now you want to come out and talk about living your truth and trying to help others. Why u been ain’t did that. I you wanted to do a good deed, you should have done that when you first got it. The only thing u showing is that when you get mad u try to expose somebody. Live in your truth and at the same time to expose yourself.  If you really was trying to do a good deed you would have been exposed this, but you hide it and didn’t try to tell nobody. U didn’t want nobody to know about it the same way I didn’t . Long as we was around her infection thefkers and we had each other and not putting aloe’s life in danger it was cool. Whys out business is ours.”


One of NuNu’s posts

Now the condom explanation that he originally gave NuNu:

He told NuNu:

“I was outside trying to find the keys to get in the house and the condom was on my shoe.”

He claimed he tracked the condom in from outside like gum or a piece of random paper sticking to your shoe. Yes! We finally get a laugh 😭😂

He continued:

“Yeah, I lied, true. 95% of men lie when they feel like they done got themselves into some sh*t.  Yes, I have HIV, at the end, IT’S COOL, you feel me. I’m not worried about it. I do’t care about what bitch or n*gga don’t like me. My momma died when I was 7-months. I don’t even care about death.

Mthfkers can try to kill me and I’ll go out. We all gotta die one day, so I don’t fear nobody, not even the devil or God. I’m f*cking cold hearted and that’s just me. But saying I’m around here passing HIV and stuff, don’t lie on a mthfker name. You just assuming, cause you think that’s what I’m doing, trying to make yourself look good for the next person.”

Earl says he loves Nunu like a mtherkr and he is irratated by what Nunu did, and he still has her back, no matter how much f*cked up sh*t he does. Just kept that shit 100. In the end I’m still gone be me.  Then he said he was going to roll up a blunt and go chat with somebody.

In the end he says “I’m still HSP till I die.”  Since I was raised in Milwaukee in the Hillside Projects, I know exactly what that term means. #HSP4Life they say…

Anyway, my favorite comment from his video.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 1.41.18 AM.png

As to NuNu, gosh this is so heartbreaking. Bless her heart.  I’m sure she inspired many living with HIV and also will stop a few women from having unprotected sex. 

I know women like NuNu…. and I’ve told them both that they are stupid. I would feel like a bad friend if I wasn’t that brutally honest with them.

Ladies, if you have a man who is good to you, doesn’t cheat on you, doesn’t constantly lie to you, embarrass you or mistreat you.  Please treat that man like the rare King that he is.

They say good men are hard to find, then we start reading self-help books and we start taking self-accountability and blame ourselves.  At that point we say “Good men aren’t hard to find. I just pick the wrong ones.” But the truth is, good men are hard to find.  A lot of men simply don’t place value in love, family, being a good man and having a long lasting relationship. They value quantity over quality.

In addition we all fall in love at some point. Some get cheated on and some chose to stay for various reasons.  But if you are staying with a man who constantly cheats on you, just know that you are asking for drama or HIV, a disease that you literally have to take tons of medication for in order to stay alive. Then you have the stigma that comes with it. And all you did was be faithful to a no good man. God can’t reward you for giving yourself to a bad man. The only reward you will get is all the bad things that come with him.
Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 12.27.43 PM.png

Be blessed and love yourself.

P.S. Just because a man is cheating on you, don’t go giving your vagina out to another man as revenge. Just leave him alone.  The majority of the time, having sex with another man isn’t going to make you feel any better about yourself. Your heart loves who it loves.

I feel as though these two will be back together soon, even though Earl clearly isn’t a good person. But the two have beautiful kids together.

Afterwards NuNu appeared to be in a great mood. She was looking forward to having a meet and greet.

HIV Meet & Greet Milwaukee AM.png

And here is another one of her recent posts, spilling more truths.

cheating men

So true, but the thing is men think the women that are willing to be side chicks are the ones who are really down for them.

More Recent NuNu Posts:

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 11.57.04 AMScreen Shot 2017-08-18 at 11.57.51 AMScreen Shot 2017-08-18 at 11.58.23 AM

NuNu’s GoFundMe If you would like to help. I wish them both the best of luck.

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