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Apparently this is how Mariah Carey & J Lo’s Beef Got Started [video]



Apparently this is how Mariah Carey & J Lo’s Beef Got Started [video]

Murder Inc.’s founder Irv Gotti, is a vet in the game and also the pawn used in the beef between Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez.

Irv Gotti

Gotti sat down with the hosts of Desus and Mero to discuss his new BET show “Tales” and a few other things.

He revealed that the beef between Carey and J Lo started with a 6 a.m. phone call from Mariah’s ex boyfriend/music model Tommy Motolla.

Tommy Mottolla Mariah Carey

Apparently Mottola was scorned and wanted to get back at Carey. Mottola called up Gotti after he found out that Murder Inc’s top artist Ja Rule had just done a collaboration with Mariah.

“At the time, he hated Mariah Carey, so he was pumping Jennifer Lopez to compete,” he explained. “So he calls me 6 or 7 o’ clock in the morning, and he says, ‘Irv, I need you to do me a favor. I need you make a record with J.Lo, but I want you to put Ja Rule on it and make it a duet.’”

Irv Gotti Ja Rule Ashanti

Gotti knew Mottola was using him as a pawn to hurt Mariah, but Gotti decided to play chess and go along with the plan.

He agreed to do a J.Lo collabo. But only under one condition: full creative control without intervention from Mottola.

We’d come to know this collaboration as the “I’m Real (Murder Remix)” of the early 2000s.

“We literally made ‘I’m Real’ in 10 minutes, guys,” Gotti continued.

He adds that he wasn’t so much concerned with sabotaging Mimi like Mottola was. Just as any music executive with a major pop star on his hands would, his goal was a summer smash hit record. And with the Murder Inc.-remixed single dominating Billboard charts, he got just what he wanted out of the deal.

Watch Irv spill the tea in the video below:

That beef made some good music.

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